Thursday, February 28, 2008

Born-again Virgins

What do you think of this article?

I think we need to take it seriously.

More later.


Chris said...

How would the guys go about regaining their virginity?

Josh Ross said...

Uhh...that would be difficult.

I like the article from a redemptive standpoint. I like the mindset of, "You can be whole again."

Rick Ross said...

I could not agree more. Jesus did not come to call the morally good to separate themselves from the "bad people." He came to offer all of us (bad people) redemption. We ALL need a fresh start.

Jeff said...

I like the idea of a fresh start but think the idea as expressed in the article is off-course a bit. You can't put the genie back in the bottle and you can't be a virgin again in the sense of the world. In my opinion (that and $5.00 can get you a latte), the only do-over comes from the blood of the cross and is not of this world. I wish I hadn't done a number of the things I've done in the past but I can't undo them. They are done and a part of who I am but I also have something that covers the mistake and makes me whole spiritually. I can't be pure again in the physical sense but I cannot thank God enough that I can be pure again in His eyes.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Josh...

I read your thoughts from time to time and am compelled to comment now, if that's OK. :) {Albeit late!)

I appreciate that you would take this subject seriously. Thanks! Why have there not been any comments from female readers out there?

I recently led a study for women on the Gospel of John, and two of the more endearing lessons that resonated with us were illustrated in the ways Jesus interacted with the Samaritan woman at the well and with the woman with the alabaster jar (Mary, in John 12). The woman from Samaria (John 4) has also been a focus as one of our gospel readings for Lent this year. The religious and cultural societies both these ladies lived in put a high premium on virginity, whilst it seemed men could enjoy a double standard. But Jesus looked at the heart of the matter and lifted the lives of these women in a redemptive manner that should have changed the religious and social ethos with regards to the status of ‘virginity’.

It saddens me to see cultures in today’s world – especially believers of Christ – bind their female citizens so tightly to labels of such complexity when males still seem to get a free ride and rule of the day. The way of Jesus has been misunderstood and ignored for many centuries still, it would seem.


(I'm a very old friend and teacher of BST's. His engaging verbosity led me to your thoughts.)