Monday, February 18, 2008

Teenagers--Part II

When I agree to speak at "some" youth events, at some point along the way I begin to regret it. Just the thought of sleeping in a 10'20 cabin with 15-20 high school boys makes me tired. Some youth groups can be tough crowds. You never know if they are listening or how they are listening. (All you parents out there--you know what I'm saying?)

But...then I stand in front of teens, and I begin to look into the faces of our future. They are our future leaders. They are the people that will take the message of Jesus into law firms, schools, banks, corporate offices, social services, non-profits, and restaurants. They are the future preachers and youth ministers. And...I am given hope.


jenlowe said...

I feel the same hope when I teach my students. I can see future business leaders, parents, etc. in them.

Anonymous said...

law firms????

I attended Winterfest this past weekend in Gatlinburg, TN. Walling spoke to some of the issues you have addressed in your two "teenagers" blogs. According to a survey he performed, the biggest problem facing our teens is this .... they simply don't care. He elaborated at great length, but it was eye-opening.

Jeff said...

I would rather talk to the kids than the adults simply in the hopes of reaching one who will change the world. I still live with that idealistic idea that there are some who won't become cynical (like me), who won't grow lazy (like me) but will develop a deep desire to be a positive influence in everything they do. I see it in many of our kids today and I pray that God let's me play a role in cultivating that ability and desire.