Thursday, February 21, 2008

Lil' Bro

A couple of months before I turned 3, I was blessed with a little brother. For the next 16 years, we would share a bedroom, a bathroom, and an atari-nintendo-sega-play station. For 16 years, we had moments when we were the best of friends, and there were moments when we would camp out on each other's nerves. When I turned 17, our relationship changed. We would still go at each other on basketball courts and football fields, but there grew a respect for each other that has only blossomed throughout the past decade.
Some of my fondest memories with my bro are:
-Going to sporting events
-Watching the Mavs
-Singing, rapping, and dancing to DC Talk in the living room
-Praying together late at night towards the end of high school
-And last but not least, any time I get to preach while he leads worship is a treat for me. He is one of the best worship leaders out there.

It has been an honor seeing my lil' bro grow into a man of deep faith, a loyal husband, a great father, and one heck of a worship leader.

Here is to my brother and one of my best friends. Love you Jonathan.


Anonymous said...

I'd like to be in the audience when you preach and your brother leads singing! You guys are a good pair. You must have some able parents or something!

jenny biz said...

I am the proudest sister EVER!! I love you all and your fam's so much! IT has been such a blessing watching you 2 be such great friends!

Rick Ross said...

I have such wonderful memories of all three of you! And to see the way you all love each other as adults -- it is one of life's greatest blessings.

Beverly Ross said...

I'm with Rick! I love the relationships you guys have! Thank you for loving each other so well and for picking life-partners that fit so well!!!!!!