Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Friend and Advice

One of my buddies around the neighborhood is a guy named Jackie Webb. I 1st met Jackie my 1st week in H-Town. Raised Muslim, he became a Christian while incarcerated. He is in his mid-30's, very ripped (aka--he gots some muscles), has a problem with anger, loves to fight, and he is passionate about life. There have been at least 2 incidents in the past 2 years when I thought I was about to get my face beaten in. One of them was with Jackie. He was greatly offended when I gave him lunch money and prayed that it would be used for the reason that it was given. He got up in my face ready to swing. He braced for the blow and prayed my pretty face to stay intact.
After that day, we lost touch for nearly a year. He resurfaced a few weeks ago and he came by the church this morning. All he wanted was a prayer. I laid my hand on his shoulder and prayed for the power of Jesus to go forth with him today. After I prayed, he prayed...and let me tell you...Jackie doesn't lack energy and excitement when he prays. He pours himself into his prayers.
It was a good morning.


I need some advice. Our neighbors have a dog that parks uncontrollably. I don't mind the barking from 8:30 am-10:00 pm, but they have started to let the dog out at all hours of the night. This morning, the dog got "bark-happy" at about 5:00am. It is like the bark-fairy has descended on this dog. I turned the fan on high, put earplugs in, and I could still hear the little nuisance. I dreamed murderous thoughts of killing this creature.
I'm tired of going to sleep praying for God to bless my neighbors dog with a good nights rest.
If you were in my shoes, what would you do?


Steve Dye said...

Josh -

Try calling Newman and Kramer.

Oh wait, that didn't work out so well, did it? :0)

You could move to the country. That's what I did. The deer eat everything in sight, but at least they don't bark.

Something tells me this isn't exactly the advice you were looking for. I'll go now. I hope you have a calm, "bark-free" day.


jenlowe said...

I would talk to someone who knows the city ordinances or laws( a lawyer??). I believe that a barking dog is covered under the noise ordinance. While you probably do not want to call the police, you may want to make a copy of the law and give it to your neighbor. I doubt you are the only one in your neigborhood affected. You at least need to talk with them-preferably after you have had a nap!
Seriously, a barking dog really can hinder your sleep.

Anonymous said...

Blow gun

Alan Gable said...

Do you exercise in your neighborhood? Weird question, I know. You could offer to "walk" your neighbor's dog in the morning or whenever. If you already have a daily jogging routine, you could take the pooch along with you. He/She probably has a bunch of energy that he/she doesn't know how to get out. Help it channel the excess energy into a walk or jog. You solve the barking problem and get to know your neighbors in a creative way. Cesar Milan's a smart guy. If that doesn't work, I'd go with the blow gun...

By the by, I enjoy the blog. Thanks for letting me snoop around.

Rick Ross said...

I've heard a bowl of antifreeze will do the trick:)

Actually, I have done what Jenlowe suggested, and it worked. If it doesn't, then try 1. blow gun, 2. antifreeze, 3. call Jack Bauer. He's not working right now.

Josh Ross said...

You people are killing me today. I needed some afternoon humor relief.
Blow guns?


mchristophoros said...

You couldn't wake my dog up to bark.

The trouble I have in situations like that is being perceived as a grouch from the get-go (I don't know how anyone could get an idea like that).

I don't think you will have that problem. Just address it with humor and the folks will probably oblige you. They're probably oblivious to the noise. Kind of like people with their kids at the restaurant. Or in church :-)

Luke said...

Since you don't like a dog, and it really seems that way, let me drop some knowledge on you.

Dog spelled backwards is God.

So obviously, if you don't like dogs you are living a backwards life and you obviously don't like God either.

So if I were you I would start praying.

Josh Ross said...

You must have a M-Div.

Josh Graves said...

Josh: The answer is simple. Call Michael Vick or get a bigger dog.