Thursday, February 14, 2008

Feeling Alive!

I feel most alive when:
  • I'm in the pulpit.
  • I'm with my wife and son (doing anything)
  • I'm holding a football in my hand
  • I'm at the beach

What about you?

Fill in the blank--"I feel most alive_________"


This is the 8th Valentine's I have celebrated with Kayci. The 1st one, we were dating. The 2nd, we were engaged. The last 6 have been as a married couple. I fall more in love with her every day.

She lives the gospel.

She is a phenomal mother.

She is my #1 fan.

She inspires me, and her love for Christ compels me.

So, tonight we are going to eat Italian.


jenlowe said...

I feel most alive:
1. when I am singing
2. when I am exploring a new city or country
3. when I am with my family and friends
4. when I am teaching

JENNY said...

I feel most alive:
1. When I'm in the mountains or somewhere naturally breath-taking.
2. When I'm with Chris and my family.
3. When I'm working as a speech-language pathologist
4. When I'm serving.

Jonathan said...

I feel most alive when the Mavs are winning the championship...oh wait.

Kara Graves said...

I feel most alive:

1. hanging out with my best friend Josh G.
2. sitting on the beach
3. being a part of the worship ministry
4. times of laughter with friends

maybe right now though, I feel most alive when we don't have 12 inches of snow on the ground and I can feel my fingers that are currently a very white color....

Rick Ross said...

I feel most alive when:
1. I am with my wife
2. I am on the golf course
3. I am playing with my grandkids
4. I am praising God with the assembly

Luke said...

Dates with my wife.
Playing some form of sports.
Sunday afternoon naps w/ the wife/dogs.

Josh Graves said...

*Tigers game with Kara


*finishing a long run (runner's high is legit)

*reading a great novel

*hanging out in Cass Park with the homeless not sure what will happen next

*spending time with family (my brother especially)

Jean said...

I feel most alive: when I'm with my grandchildren!!!