Friday, February 8, 2008

NBA...Sermon prep...Nouwen

What were the Suns thinking? I just don't see Shaq working out there.
Wednesday, my friends Michael Wilbon and Tony K were ripping the Suns.
Then, Shaq had a press conference in which he called out Wilbon and other media folks for knocking his playing ability.
Yesterday, Wilbon and Tony K were backtracking. They turned a 180!.
If a 7'1, 340 pound guy was upset with me, I'd probably turn a 180 too.

Here is the hardest thing about preaching--SUNDAY'S come every week.

I've talked with God about this. Why couldn't Sunday's come every other week?

Cope always told me that we aim for singles. As preacher's, we are trying to get on base. The only problem in hitting homeruns is that people will be expecting another homerun the following Sunday.


From Henri Nouwen--"The mystery of God's presence, therefore, can be touched only by a deep awareness of his absence. It is in the center of our longing for the absent God that we discover his footprints, and realize that our desire to love God is born out of the love with which he had touched us."


jenlowe said...

It has to be difficult to try and lead a group as diverse as SW Central. You maybe "hitting a home run" with one person and "hitting a single" with someone else.

Luke said...
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Luke said...

I too thought the Shaq deal was a bad one, but I think Steve Kerr is a smart guy. The Suns haven't won in the playoffs without a big man, so what's to lose?

Singles- WWAD? What would A-Rod do? Thats what I ask myself as I prepare each sermon. Just get something in play.

Josh Graves said...

The Suns are smokin' it. They got desperate.

The Mavs need to make a move to keep up with the Lakers, et al.

The Pistons, meanwhile, continue to be content with being the third or fourth best team in the NBA.

Josh Ross said...

Jenlowe, you are right on. It might even be a homerun with one person and a whiff with someone else.

Luke, please do not ever mention A-Rod on my blog again. If I ever preach like A-Rod plays in the postseason...I trust my friends to tell me to get out of the pulpit.

Graves, I love how you preach with one hand on the bible and the other hand on the news of the NBA.

Josh Graves said...

Fo' sho'...I can't undo 23 years of training...ha.

I've yet to find a good way of working sports into teaching and preaching. I'm always worried that I'll alienate 70 percent of the church. Of course, I guess I can do that with the words "postmodern" or "epistemology" or "hermeneutic."