Saturday, August 2, 2008

NL or AL

Here's a fun question for all you baseball fans out there:
Do you prefer the DH (designated hitter) or the NL-style where the pitcher has to hit?

My personal opinion:
  • There is more strategy in the NL--hands down. I love the strategy of single, steal second, get him over to 3rd, and sacrifice fly to get him home. I love the double switch. I love that pitchers can't hide behind their hitters, but instead they have to put the helmet on and take a few swings.
  • The AL is entertaining in the sense that they play for the 3-run-homer. The DH "ups" the run total, but it takes away strategic moves like the double switch and pitch hitter.

Though I grew up in an AL town (Dallas), I prefer the NL-style.

BTW--the Angels are the best team in baseball. They are unbeatable right now!


Justin said...

You are a good man. NL is much better for the reasons you gave. AL can't quite transition out of minor league rules.

Anonymous said...

Okay Ray Barone.

I'm an AL guy, but just because my favorite team happens to fall in that league. Now you've kind of killed my love of the AL.

Thanks alot!


Jeff said...

I share season tickets for Rangers games so I guess I am a fan but I prefer to watch NL games. I'm not sure if it's the strategy aspect of it or just because I don't like other AL teams because they compete with the Rangers. I watched Matt Stairs who can't run, can't throw, can't do much of anything but hit on Saturday night and wished that the DH would be done away with.

Jeff said...
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Tom said...

I love my AL Red Sox!!! But I confess: I am reluctantly jealous of the NL when the pitcher has to be an offensive consideration, be it a potential threat or an easy out. But give me my Big Poppi anytime, DH or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Neither. Cricket is the sport of Champions.

Crocodile Dundee

yankeestom said...

Justin, the NL can't quite transition out of the 19th century rules.

The DH rule and the concept of manufacturing runs are not mutually exclusive; good teams do that regardless of what league they are in. The Yankees of the late 90s were great at manufacturing runs, and it contributed to their success. Unfortunately, fame and fortune comes more easily to mashers, so run manufacturing is becoming a lost art.

Except of course in the NL, where it is the only option for your crappier offensive players...


Collin and Christy said...

Hey Josh! I love reading you blog!!
I have become a Cubs fan since leaving the Dallas area(still a ranger's fan though) and I must agree I love the NL!! The games are sooo interesting! :)