Sunday, August 24, 2008


I preached from Luke 1 today. The story of Jesus in Luke begins in barrenness. He begins his gospel with 2 miraculous births: 1) an old lady who was "out of her prime," and 2) a young teenage girl who was a virgin. God seems to enjoy working within the realms of the impossible.

However, Elizabeth and Mary aren't the only ones expecting in Luke 1, all of Israel was expecting. The beginning of Luke asks us, "Are we expecting? What are our expectations for God?"

Elizabeth and Mary aren't the only ones delivering in Luke 1. Even more so, God is delivering. He is delivering a new prophet, a new King, a new teaching, a new community...ultimately, he is delivering good news to all of humanity.

And, He is still delivering today!


Elizabeth said...

At the end of your sermon this morning, Emily leaned over and said, "I didn't know all this stuff about you." She thought I was the Elizabeth you were talking about!

Tammie's Thoughts said...

Good job yesterday! I'm looking forward to this series!

phil said...

Insightful thoughts; how true it is that God so many times looks at nothing and says watch this and turns it into something only he can. He has done this from creation, he did it like you mentioned in Mary, he continues to do it today, and he will do it once and for all at the end.
Just as God brought our messiah through a virgin, he will open the eyes of the blind; he will make the mute tongue shout for joy, he will make the lame leap like a deer, and turn the parched land into a pool. (Isaiah 35)