Friday, August 22, 2008

20/20 & Infant Mortality

Tonight at 9:00pm central, 20/20 will be reporting on infant mortality in Memphis. It just so happens that the city I minister in is the deadliest city in America for babies.
I love this city, and every single day God is cultivating inside of me a deeper love and passion for Memphis. I want to see the Kingdom of God come here; I want to see "Satan fall like lightning".
For years I have been drawn to justice/injustice and liberation. As I read Scripture, I see these principles as something that is so close to the heart of God. I don't have answers, but I choose to fight with love, faith, compassion, and prayer.


Rick Ross said...

I am grateful for the way God has used you to change my kingdom view. You inspire me.

Missy Robinson said...

Just an FYI... A member from our church, Hope, will be highlighted in this report. If you read the press release from ABC, it says "The broadcast follows a black teenage mother-to-be who is mentored by a volunteer from a white suburban church in order to ensure that both mother and baby stay healthy. The surprising relationship between these two women, the poor black mother and the white mentor with comfortable means, becomes the emotional center of the documentary."

Karen said...

I wonder if the children of St. Jude are included in that infant mortality rate. I plan to watch the report tonight. What a sad statistic!

Olivia said...

I wasn't able to watch on TV, but did watch most of it this AM on the Internet. I thought it was well done in most aspects. Unfortunately based on critiques I've seen, read and heard, it is being turned into a slam against African-Americans.

The infant mortality rate in Memphis is terrible and has been for a long time. Maybe 20/20 thought that this documentary would help open the eyes of people in this city as well, but like always eyes will likely be turned the other way or closed completely.

I'm well on my way to a soapbox, so I'll stop now.

Olivia said...

no, the children of St. Jude would not be include, as the technical definition of "infant mortality" is "death within the first year of life".

Luke said...

Thanks for the suggestion. Linds recorded it and glad that I watched it.