Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Church & Mission

A good question:
Does a Church have a Mission?

A better question:
Does a Mission have a Church?


Josh said...

that question is money in the bank. n.t. wright's chapter on the church's mission in simply christian speaks to this question. he says that God's mission should "have" us as you say. wright's reflections about the church are extremely helpful.

James Wood said...

I wonder how many missions are going without the church right now? Of course my response is that we ought to do more church planting!

I do think that God is on mission all the time - he invites us, he begs us to join him. Even now, God is working and preparing people - how long will God have to do his mission without the people of God there?

Josh Ross said...

J-Pat, thanks for the reference. Great book and a must read.

James, I'm on board with you buddy. We do need more church plants. God is on a mission because he has always been a missionary God...a God on the move.

Anonymous said...

I think this speaks to that and your lesson Sunday. Monday in inservice at CBHS a priest spoke to us in 2 one-hour sessions. He started by asking, " Who are you?" and "What do you do?"
He developed the thought for a while and came around to what he thought our answers should be.
1- You are Christ through baptism and represent Christ to the world.
2- Your job is to raise up Christ in the young men you teach, coach, direct and encounter in any way.

He also discussed unity as more important than our differences. Look for how we are alike. And that Jesus was about service, evangelism, love and grace and struggled against those who focused on laws.


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