Thursday, August 28, 2008

Decatur and Politics

I have fallen in love with the Decatur Church of Christ. I was honored to speak there again last night.
After a nightmare experience in their previous church, my parents are now in a church that specializes in loving people. God is using my dad's voice from the pulpit to form a church into the image of Jesus.


I have respect for Republicans. I am related to them; I am friends with them.
I have respect for Democrats. I am related to them; I am friends with them.
I have respect for Lipscombites (those who don't see the need to vote or be involved in politics). I am related to them; I am friends with them.

I know people who follow Jesus wholeheartedly who are die-hard Republicans, Democrats, and political pacifists.

The next few months are going to get a lot of coverage. We have another night of the Democratic convention, a week of the Republican convention, 3 presidential debates, and 1 vice-presidential debate.

How about a toast for healthy dialogue, respect for other voices, ears to hear, mouths that speak in love, and hearts that put all of our hope and trust in the greater Kingdom--the Kingdom of God--the Kingdom that will never pass away.


Liz Moore said...

I agree with you! Terry Rush posted something a couple of days ago that you might be interested in.

Have a great one!

Rick Ross said...


You were such a blessing to our church last night! I am one proud daddy.

Anonymous said...

Amen! As long as my guy wins. :-)

Jeff said...

You know Democrats? Oh my!
Just kidding.

I'm sorry I missed you last night but I had the privilege to teach the youth group.

We have been blessed to have your parents in Decatur, Texas. I've said it before and will say it was God at work to bring them here.

David Heflin said...


Good words. I couldn't agree more. I recently wrote a bulletin article that said essentially the same thing.

Beverly Ross said...

We loved having you here! I am so proud of you! We are delighted to be in Decatur, Tx and to share you with this church was a blessing. We LOVE it here!

Clyde said...

I am proud your parents are in Decatur doing a great work. The Decatur church helped propel me into ministry and I preached my first sermon there.

I'm listening to Kip and the Sycamore View Singers as I type this, btw! It's my fave from their Seasons of Worship CD, "How Deep The Father's Love."