Monday, July 14, 2008

Question for you Baseball fans

Who is better for baseball:
1) A-Rod
2) Manny Ramirez


smh00a said...

I may be slightly biased given my address, but this is a no-brainer:


Manny is one of the least understood and most often incorrectly caricatured players in the MLB. He certainly marches to a different drummer than most players, but he comes to play every day and is perhaps the most clutch player in the history of the game.

GSub said...

Easy, Josh Hamilton.

or Ian Kinsler.

But if I have to participate in either of your options, I will take A-Rod hands down. I am not a fan, but he is going to obliterate your boy Barry's *record*. Manny is entertaining and an awesome talent, but he is a two-tool player.

Jeff said...

I would have to go with A-Rod but did you see Josh Hamilton in the Home Run Derby. Wow!

Josh Ross said...

Props to Hamilton. He put on a show tonight.

IMO--Manny is better for baseball. Maybe this comes from my "hatred" for A-Rod.
Manny brings personality and charisma. A-Rod brings skill and meaningless homeruns.

Ash, Kel & Ella said...

I'm going with Manny! I think he realizes he's playing a game and has fun. He's an underrated outfielder. He'll never win a gold glove but he actually has an above average arm.

Plus, did you see the play where he caught the ball, ran up the wall, slapped 5 with a Sox fan and then doubled off a guy at first. One of my highlights of this season.

The only thing ARod is slapping is...stay with me here...the ball out of Bronson Arroyo's glove a couple years ago. Talk about horrible sportsmanship. He's talented and he knows it.

tom said...

Josh...come on, it's Manny hands down!

Anonymous said...

When I think of who is more of a "class act" on the field...