Monday, July 7, 2008

Hanging with Kiwi's

Our best friends from New Zealand left this morning after a 4-day visit. Our families became close when I preached in Ballinger and Troy was the youth minister. Every day we have with them is not long enough.
We did our best to treat them around the great city of Memphis. We visited the famous Peabody hotel, ate at Big Foot (where Troy and Taylor ordered a 4 pound burger), and spent a few hours at the Civil Rights Museum where MLK Jr. was shot and killed. (I'll have more to say about the Museum in another post.)
Troy led us to the table with Communion thoughts and prayers in both services on Sunday. It was a treat to partner with him again.

Here is Truitt hanging with T-Bone and Taylor.
On Friday night, the 3 guys (minus Truitt), drove to St. Louis to watch the Cards and Cubs play. We witnessed part of history as Pujuls hit his 300th homer. However, really in truly, what is 300 hours in the steroid era.
It was a beautiful stadium.


I have a lot on my mind to blog about this week, so I hope you'll come back.

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Justin said...

Cubs/Cards, I am jealous! Go Cubs!