Friday, July 4, 2008

Independency and Dependency

July 4th will always be an important day in this country. As long as the US remains the US, July 4th will be taught, remembered, and celebrated.
Our nation has changed over the past 232 years. We've become a melting pot in the world. We have lived into a truer meaning of "all men are created equal." The religious landscape has changed. We've advanced in technology, communication, transportation, and so much more.

On July 4th, the US celebrates independency.

However, as I prayed this morning, we as Christ-followers are called to a constant state of dependency...upon God, his Kingdom, and his mission in the world.

Enjoy your long weekend.


Kasey Lane McCollum said...

Just curious, do you really think we have "lived into the true meaning of 'all men are created equal.'?

Josh Ross said...

Huh...thanks. NO! I don't.
But not "the true meaning."

Hope you and Casey are doing well.

Brandon Scott said...

I am really missin you.

Josh Graves said...


We miss you but are having a great time in Uganda.

Can't wait for vacation.


Beverly Ross said...

Love the post! Great contrast!