Monday, July 21, 2008


Did any of you watch the ESPY'S last night? It was a great show.
What was the best moment?
What did you think of Justin Timberlake?

I still can't stop laughing over Will Ferrell receiving Tiger Wood's award for the best male athlete of the year. One of the funniest moments ever on television.

Last night gave me a whole new appreciation for Tommie Smith and John Carlos. Two men who used their opportunity to speak out against injustice. They were not anti-America; they were anti-injustice. It was a wonderful moment as they received the Arthur Ashe award for courage.


On another note, we had a great day at Sycamore View yesterday.

Ty Jones shared a testimony that was convicting, formative, and inspiring. I'll let you know if we can get it on the web.


Rick Ross said...

I nearly called you when Will Ferrell was on. I thought Justin Timberlake doing those interviews and being placed in "the action" were funniest of all. He is a funny person.

I, too, was moved by the two men who had been so vilified back in 1968. While they could have been bitter, they were very gracious.

Ash, Kel & Ella said...

JT was great! Smelling Beckam's boot...too funny! And I agree with your dad, the interview with the sobbing TO was classic! "That's my quarterback." haha!

Jonathan said...

that was the best espy's show i have seen. the ferrell thing was great.

mouseclicker said...

Ty Jones testimony was great and I hope to see it again sometime.