Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Son and a Stranger

This morning, Truitt was sitting in Kayci's lap while I was getting ready to leave for work.
(FYI--he is full of life in the morning.)
I said, "Truitt, this is our first Super Bowl together. Who you cheering for?"Having only lived about nine months, his vocabulary is rather small. It consists of "Maa....maa...maa" "Da...da...da..." and "" We are working on "Dirk Nowitzki."
I continued, "If you raise your right hand, you are cheering for the Patriots. If you raise your left hand, you are cheering for the Giants." Without hesitation he raised his right hand. Little did I know that my son loves the Boston area.
I was at a red light on my way to work and there was a man standing outside selling newspapers. He walked up to my window and we began to shoot the breeze. I said, "How you doing?"
Most people follow that with, "Pretty"
His first comment was, "Bush done f---ed this world up!!!"
I felt God saying, "Welcome to this day!"


middlechild_jvm said...

So glad your son brought sun-shine in your life..praise to God for the little children and prayers for the stranger and his "unhappiness"

Josh Graves said...

That's hilarious. Got yo text last night just as I was about to go to bed.

Good post.

Rick Ross said...

Give Truitt another try today! This time, let the Giants be his right hand. And then do it a 2nd time. That way, the Giants will win two out of three.

As I posted in my blog today, I'm not really FOR the Giants. I'm just that AGAINST the Patriots. I realize I am fighting an uphill battle.

Anonymous said...

So glad that Truitt is healthy and happy. At least the stranger was not just making small talk but letting you into his understanding of the world. I may not agree with his statement but I do understand how powerless he feels.