Friday, January 25, 2008

The Preacher's Husband--PART II

This weekend, I am becoming the preacher's husband again. Tonight and tomorrow, Kayci is keynoting another Girl's Conference. This one is for the surrounding Houston area. She is co-speaking with her good friend J-Cook (aka--Jennifer Cooke).
Please remember Kayci as you walk with God today.


sylvia said...

Lucky girls to be able to listen to Kayci! : ) They need to soak in everything they can... She's in my prayers this weekend.

Anonymous said...

Do you ever feel weird saying things like "as you walk with God today."?

Josh Ross said...

Sylvia, thanks for your prayers. Thank you even more for your friendship.

Anonymous, not at all! What is behind your question?

Anonymous said...

Kayci and Josh
What a great example that you both set for the girls that she is preaching and teaching! Have a blessed weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

It's just cliche-ish...kinda overly churchy, like much of what I read here.

No worries, just wonder what it's like when you say that kinda stuff to regular peeps (non-church types).

Josh Ross said...

Honestly, most non-church people that I talk with don't run from language such as "walking with God." If anything, it sparks deeper conversation. I don't think that non-church folk consider "walking with God" as churchy language.
When in conversations with "non-church-peeps" I don't throw around words like "theology, missional, and hermenuetics." At the same time, I'm not afraid to talk about the power of walking with Jesus.

Three questions to anonymous:
1) Who are you?
2) What are your experiences with the "non-church"?
3) What language do you use?