Monday, January 7, 2008

Roger Clemens

What do you make of this situation?
Is he guilty?
Should he be voted into the hall of fame?
Does the steroid era make you want to pull away from MLB?


Rick Ross said...

Clemens has volunteered to take a lie detector test. I say let him. His trainer sounded a bit suspicious on the taped phone call.

If Clemens is guilty, throw out his records -- as well as Barry and others. Yes, for me the steroid issue has seriously affected the integrity of the game. Baseball is built on statistics. And those statistics lose any relevance in the face of performance-enhancing drugs.

Anonymous said...

I am concerned that he along with the others in the report did not meet with Senator Mitchell as Mitchell had requested. He was given the opportunity to refute his trainer's comments and chose not to do it. It is almost a little too late to try and clear this up now.
A lie detector test is not infallible but it would be at least a start. It will be interesting to hear what he says when he goes before Congress.

I agree with Rick-the records are not valid and should not be used if the person was on steriods.

Anonymous said...

Josh, Did you happen to see our Daniel Watson on Ch 13 last night commenting on Clemens? Cool!

For me MLB has been less a thrill since the strike that messed up a season (probably in your infancy but doesn't seem that long ago to me) and the steroid business calls all the stats into questions and that matters a lot. I love baseball (it really is a metaphor for life) and I hate that MLB has turned out to be no better than the other professional sports which seem to me increasingly to reflect the worst of American culture: greed, materialism, egoism and a disheartening lack of honor.

As for the Rocket? I don't know...

Jonathan said...

If he is found guilty, the punishment should be that Clemens has to stand still while Mike Piazza throws a fragment of a baseball bat at him. If he connects, punishment is enough; if he misses, then he has really bad aim and probably took steroids too.

Josh Graves said...

He's probably guilty. If "ol' boy" told the truth concerning Clemens' boy . . . why would he lie about Roger?