Thursday, January 10, 2008

Canon within a canon

Scripture is referred to as a "canon"--a compiled collection of books, letters, and poetry. The phrase "canon within a canon" basically means this--throughout time individuals and churches have latched on to certain books. For instance--Luther lived in Romans. The Churches of Christ have enjoyed a close knit relationship with Acts. And so on...

Here's the question--what has been your "canon within a canon?" This doesn't mean that you have chosen to neglect dozens of other books. But, what are the books that have formed you in your faith the most? When you experience seasons in the desert, what parts of Scripture revive your soul?


jross said...

Great question!
There are several.
1. Character studies (i.e. Samuel and David).
2. Gospel of John
3. Book of James
4. 1 Timothy
5. And Hebrews is gaining

Is that too many?

Luke said...

1. Synoptic Gospels
2. Psalms
3. NT Wright

Rick Ross said...

John, 2 Corinthians and Galatians for me

Anonymous said...

1. Psalms
2. Phillipians
3. Luke
4. Genesis

Anonymous said...



Josh Graves said...

N.T. Wright
Barbara Brown Taylor
Dr. King
Randy Harris
Acts (I needed three NT texts)

Jeff said...

It was Phillipians but Psalms is quickly gaining.