Wednesday, May 7, 2008


American Idol--who goes home tonight? It has to be Jason.
Here's how I rank them, and I know that the majority of you will disagree:
1) D-Cook
2) Syesha
3) David A.
4) Jason
I've made fun of David A. throughout this season. He is young and he struggles through interviews, but I give him this--the guy doesn't miss notes. He is a great singer. His style just doesn't do it for me.
Mark my word--David Cook will sell 100,000's more than any other contestant this season.

Celtics over the Cavs in 6
Pistons over the Magic in 6
Spurs over the Hornets in 7 (this was a tough one)
Lakers over the Jazz in 6
Mavs over the...oh wait.


Anonymous said...

Jason has to go. His ship has sailed for sure.

And I agree that David C. is a better entertainer than David A. But I personally would much rather hear David A. on the radio any day of the week.

I was proud of Syesha last night. She really stepped it up.

Rick Ross said...

I agree -- Jason needs to go. I have never been a big fan of his. Every song sounds the same.

I don't argue with your assessment, although I feel the same way about David C that you do about David A. Yet, I realize that he would sell more records. Much as I didn't care for Daltry's style, but he has certainly been successful.

I still think David A. is blessed with a more talented and a better voice.

Syesha hangs on for another week. She was one of my early favorites, but like Michael -- she had failed to reach her potential. In the last two weeks, she has done better. But I don't really like her comments. I think the only African-American diva she has yet to try to imitate is Diana Ross.

jenny biz said...

I have no clue about your bball predictions but I can speak towards American Idol. THough I LOVE Jason C., I think he will go home tonight but I think he will still have a great record that I will buy! Syesha will go home next week, then David A and Cook will take it. I LOVE David Cook! He puts so much emotion into his songs. David A. is just boring to me. Great singer but boring and same ole, same ole. There's my 2 cents!

Rick Ross said...

DCook must be a generational thing.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you about David Cook. Next to Chris Daughtry, he is my favorite AI contestant of all time! :-)

Anonymous said...

I was ashamed of Syesha last night. It seems as though her voice isn't going to get her through so she is now trying to get votes for her body. At least that's my perception after the first song.

jenlowe said...

It will be interesting to see if American Idol is back next season. I think there is a "fatigue" factor with the show-especially with the judges and Ryan Seacrest. It is always interesting to me though to see the people try to use their talent to win. Too often, everything they do sounds the same because they have not matured.

As for the NBA, I would love the see the Celtics and the Spurs continue.

Ash, Kel & Ella said...

Mr. NBA...
The players in the Celtics/Cavs series called game one a clash of titans. I called it garbage.

Pistons will win in 5. Possibly 6 if Chauncey is out. Man that looked painful!

What goes into your thought process for the Spurs over the CP3's...I mean Hornets. I haven't had the opportunity to watch a whole lot of the Hornets this year. They are good. CP3 is making the Spurs look OLD and SLOW!!!

As for the Lakers/ Jazz...I see the Jazz MAYBE winning a game.

Josh Ross said...

People like Bill Lambier (sp?) probably loved the Cavs/Celtics game. I'm with you.
I still might give the Magic one more.
If I was a betting man, I'd go with the Hornets. They aren't just beating teams; they are destroying them. However, how many times have we seen Coach Pop make necessary changes. The Spurs are old, but they know how to win. I like this series.
I had the Jazz winning a couple simply because they are close to unbeatable at home.

Luke said...

Boss- when did you become such a vocal coach? I am not an Idol fan, but more than anything I dont like the older David, he seems very tool-ish.

I obviously liked the Jack Johnson-ish guy w/ dreads.