Saturday, May 24, 2008

Mike Cope and Rick Atchley

I've had this blog since last fall. However, "h-townpreacher" doesn't fit anymore. But, "M-town" just doesn't have "the" ring to it. I'll continue to brainstorm for another name. Until then, it will remain as h-town.
Feel free to offer suggestions.
Over the past few days I've had a chance to hangout with two great preachers who have become good friends.
Other than my own dad, Mike has influenced me in life and ministry more than any other male figure. He challenges me as a husband, father, minister, and disciple. Though he was a mentor for years, he treats me as a friend.
Tomorrow morning I have the honor of preaching at Highland Church of Christ again. This church has nurtured us in our faith more than words can express.

On Wednesday, Kayci and I were able to eat lunch with Rick and Jamie Atchley. The lunch turned into a three hour conversation. Over the past year Rick has become a good friend. He is always quick to pray, give advice and wisdom, and to sacrificially offer himself as a friend on this journey. Everybody knows that Rick can preach. He has a God-given gift. However, I've heard from people in the past something along the lines of this, "Rick is a great preacher but he isn't good with people." Let me say 2 things about Rick:
1) He is a pastor/minister at heart. Rick cares about people, the lost, and his church just as much if not more than any minister I know.
2) He is a man who is driven by the Spirit through prayer and faith in Jesus. Over the past year or two, I've had some good friends who are ministers who have gone through some rough times. To my friends, Rick has become a friend and a great encourager.

Thank God for ministers who keep seeking Jesus!


Jeff said...

Here's my vote for hoopspreacher or 3pointpreacher.

I enjoyed playing ball with you last Wednesday. Keep timing your visits for game nights.

Luke said...

What about "preacherwhohatestheyankees&spurs"

Rick Ross said...

What about "sonofastud"?

Anonymous said...

"almostagrizzliefan", "mycityhasapyramid", "mississippiriverpreacber"

Anonymous said...


Josh Ross said...

Bad idea to ask for suggestions. None of you win. :)

Missy said...

We are really looking forward our new neighbors arriving!

For you new blog name... how about joshrossformemphismayor...? When you move here, you will understand how much the Memphis Mayor is a hot-button issue!!

Ben Griffith said...

It is really sad when people say those unfounded things about Rick's character. I have been blessed to be influenced by his love and patience.