Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ministering to the Grieving

One of my heroes of faith is Virgil Fry. Over 20 years ago, Lifeline Chaplaincy began as a ministry to patients at MD Anderson in Houston, TX. Virgil has been with Lifeline from the beginning--walking hallways, praying with patients, ministering to the hurting and often the dying, and dreaming of ways to broaden this ministry throughout Texas, the US, and the world. He was written books, has taught classes at ACU and Pepperdine, has keynoted conferences, and has spoken at churches teaching them how to care for those wounded by the sting of death.

The greatest form of comfort comes without words. For the most part, people are not going to remember what you say, unless you say something completely ridiculous while attempting to be sincere. People are going to remember your presence...that you were there.
Next time you visit a hospital, a funeral home, or a person who is grieving...say little. Give hugs and let people know that you care.


Lauren said...

What beautiful and convicting thoughts, Josh! Thank you for reminding me of the power of the ministry of presence. Be blessed.
Lauren C.

Ash, Kel & Ella said...

Man I suck at this! I always feel like I have say something to truly impact someone who is in a moment of pain. I open my mouth and more times than not I say something dumb.

I try to remind myself but my brain and my mouth aren't always in sync.