Sunday, May 18, 2008

Jesus had 3...we've had 4

I love Jesus' rhythm in life. All it took was a few healings and casting out demons and the crowds were on his heals 24-7, or so it seems. Yet, Jesus still made time: 1) to get away in order to waste time with God, and 2) to cultivate relationships with his disciples.

Jesus sends out 70-72 in Luke 10.
He calls 12 to follow him in Luke 6.
Of the 12, there were 3 (Peter, James, and John) who occasionally followed him to more intimate settings.

In Houston, we've made some really good friends...old and young. However, from the moment we started here, there have been 2 couples who have become our Houston family--Matt & Jenna Cope and Chris & Jenny Thompson.
Matt and Jenna have been good friends of ours since our days in Abilene. Though we were at school with Chris and Jenny, we didn't become to know each other until our days in H-Town. I can't even begin to put into words the impact of having these 2 couple friends. We have eaten dozens of meals together, have watched movies, have taken vacations, have had children around the same time, etc.
They have taught us about companionship, loyalty, and sacrifice.


Anonymous said...

"wasting time with God..." - I love that!

Hope the last Sunday went well. I was praying for you today.

jenlowe said...

I thought the communion/meal yesterday evening went well. Where do you plan to put the plate???

I hope you have a safe journey to Tennessee. I assume you will continue to blog but under a different name. Let us know.

Friends are always the rock of our existence.

JENNY said...

We miss you guys so much. Come back! Thanks for the sweet words. We feel the same about you guys.