Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving without Football

Can it be done? Can you enjoy a Thanksgiving holiday without watching a minute of football?

Okay, so I exceeded 1 minute of football over the past few days. I have easily surpassed 20+hours, but aren't Thanksgiving and Football joined in holy matrimony? Didn't the pilgrims get off of the ships with a pigskin in one hand?

Don't get me wrong--Thanksgiving is about feasting with family, but it sure is good to sit back with the fam and watch men battle it out on the gridiron.


Rick Ross said...

The weather here made watching football easier. Cold and rainy pretty much the whole weekend. So I was thankful for the built-in excuse.

The Rogers said...

yes, thanksgiving + football = wedded bliss

Besides, watching football effectively reminds me of all I have to be thankful for...

1st, a wonderful wife who understands that her husband still needs to live vicariously through others who possess blazing speed and mind-blowing talent.

2nd, beautiful children that make a disappointing loss a little easier to swallow.

3rd, a time of peace, free from the threat of real violence or terror breaking down the door and subjecting my family to torture.

Thanksgiving without football?!
I'd rather do without turkey, dressing, even Martha's awesome sweet potato stuff.

On Thanksgiving day, the feast doesn't precede, interrupt or follow football. The feast is football... with a side of turkey.

So shall it be forever... MAN LAW 13.7.1185

Josh Ross said...

Keith, beautifully said. Martha must not read this blog. :)

jenny biz said...

There will be no football games in heaven, bro. Just a sisterly reminder! Aren't we supposed to practice on earth what will be/do in heaven?