Monday, November 26, 2007

Follow Me!!!

These two words are inviting, yet terrifying. They are spoken with sincerity, yet they are a cause for great discomfort. These two words are at the essence of Christianity. More than "accepting Jesus" or "believing in Jesus"--these two words implore us to enter into the Christ- life. When Jesus calls people, he invites them by saying, "Follow Me!" In other words, "Watch me. Be me. Live in me. Do what I do. Say what I say."
It is interesting that the disciples show up in nearly every story in Luke's gospel, but Jesus doesn't ask them to do anything until Luke 9. For a few chapters, they are there watching what Jesus does. Then, he calls them to action.

Here is what I want to see happen--I want to see people take Jesus seriously.

There is a guy that I am mentoring/discipl-ing/befriending right now. He is on a journey of becoming a passionate Christ-follower. Here is his problem--he knows Jesus too well. Unlike many people who want Jesus for his blood--(Dallas Willard's image) meaning that they want Jesus because he is a ticket to heaven--my friend sees Jesus as one that changes existence; he calls people to a new life. Transformation, sacrifice, and compassion are at the heart of the Jesus-life. My friend has a better understanding of Jesus than many decade-long-church-goers do.

When we take Jesus fill in the blank _______________.


Anonymous said... enroll in the Pan Ethnic School.


Anonymous said...

When we take Jesus seriously, we will get out of our comfort zone. We will have to actually do what we profess to believe. Actions sometimes have results that we can not control-but isn't that the idea anyway?

Anonymous said...

Taking Jesus seriously is scary...we can't just pick and choose the "perfect" Jesus. We have to read the scriptures and take to heart passages that we don't "like." It's easy to read our Bibles in our beds at night, but it's a little harder to actually "Do what I say" and "Say what I say" without getting out of our comfort zones.

Josh Ross said...

Maybe Mark Twain is on to something when he writes, "It isn't the parts of the Bible that I don't understand that both me; it's the parts that I do understand."

Anonymous said...

Josh, my goodness am I excited to hear from you. Thank you for such encouraging words. It's funny because I actually mentioned Kayci in one of my blogs. She left an inspiring impression on my heart, as did you. I miss you both outrageously. I still haven't met but maybe one couple, that I admire so much. I am glad we have found contact. I will email you soon! I miss your words!

The Rogers said...

... you come to grips with the reality that so much on the face of this earth is just "a chasing after the wind."
Nothing matters more than a quiet moment with Him, His words, His way, His grace, His heart, His will, His people, His mission, His ministry. And, just as John the Baptist said, you find yourself filled with this insane impulse. "He must become greater; I must become less."

Josh Ross said...

Lindy, can't wait to hear from you. I look forward to catching up.

Keith, your words come from a heart of a man that is seeking after the very heart of God. You inspire us.