Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Healthy Politics

Is that an oxymoron? Does "healthy politics" belong in the same category as jumbo shrimp and organized government?

I try to keep my distance from politics, only wanting to stay close enough to know what is going on. Here is my question:

What are the 3 issues that are most important to you going into the 2008 election?

Please be nice. :)

I will post my 3 in the morning.


jross said...

I enjoy politics. I am hesitant to answer your question because I feel a "gotcha" coming. But here are 3 things I feel are extremely important to our nation.
1. Supreme Court Appointments
2. Illegal immigration
3. Completing the mission in Iraq and bringing home our brave men and women.

You be nice too!

Josh Ross said...

No "gotcha" is coming. Just want to hear from others first.

Your post on my dad's blog was hilarious.

The Rogers said...

I think healthy politics is less about programs and more about people. I've got a good friend here in Montgomery who works with the governor. He has opened my eyes to the corrupted character so many politicians work with, just in sharing his work with me from time to time. It's depressing.

So, most important to me in the coming election...

1. Character
2. Honesty
3. Passion

I'll trust that the candidate possessing the most Christ-like character, honesty, and passion will govern diligently and faithfully. I'm hungry for passionate, Godly leadership.

Josh Ross said...

There are no wrong answers.
To narrow a list to 3 isn't to say other issues aren't important.

Keith, appreciate your emphasis on character. Politics should be about people.

Right now, today, these 3 are on my mind (no particular order):

Rick Ross said...

1. Countering terrorism
2. Healthcare
3. Whatever benefits me (j/k) -- actually, I would like to see them get Social Security "fixed."

Luke said...

If I had to pick three....

1. War/Foreign policy
2. Health Care
3. Welfare reform

Not allowing the NE Patriots to have the 2nd pick in the upcoming draft would also be there.

Anonymous said...

I think you have to seperate it down just a little more.

1. National Security
2. Tax Reform
3. Appointing Conservative Judges

1. Infrastructure/Transportation
2. Healthcare/Poverty
3. Healthy Business Environment

1. Police and Fire
2. Property Tax and Appraisal Creep Reform
3. Focusing on true govt service (roads, water, basic services)

Anonymous said...

I also enjoy politics but get concerned when people state that only one party has the answers to whatever is going on in this country. I always look at the individual-what is their life like? Does what they have done in the past indicate what they will do in the future? If I have to pick 3 things:
1. Compassion for the poor
2. Education
3. Concern for the environment

Josh Graves said...

Africa (genocide)

Chris Thompson said...

- Ending the War in Iraq
- Creating a national healthcare plan
- Ending poverty in America