Monday, December 22, 2008

The Virus From Hell

I am convinced that hell is going to be a continual case of the 24-hour stomach virus. Maybe we should begin to use that as an evangelistic weapon.

Yesterday was the 2nd time in my 7 years of preaching that I came down with the virus on a Saturday night before preaching a Christmas sermon.

I preached...but from a stool. I had no energy. Gratefully, God is always faithful!

The bad thing about getting sick before a Christmas sermon is that if you can't preach it, you have to wait 52 weeks to preach it again. It's not like you can turn around the first weekend in January and preach the Christmas sermon you had prepared a couple of weeks back.


Kim Chapman said...

That just goes to show how God can take anything, even a virus from hell, and use it for good. Yesterday was one of the most convicting worship services in which I have ever participated. You and Kip are such wonderful servants for God!!

Collin Packer said...

I'm hoping that you didn't throw up. I know the problems that you have with that, so I'm praying God keeps you from having to see it.

Josh Ross said...

I missed over half of the worship time in both services because I was afraid to sit down for too long, but I have heard nothing but great things of how God worked at SVC yesterday.
Thanks for sharing.

Luckily, I never threw up, but I still felt absolutely awful!
Seriously, I need to get some counseling to deal with my fear of throw up. :)

Karen said...

Hey Josh,

I hope you're back to 100% by now. I prayed you through the second service. :-) By the way, the message was wonderful!