Tuesday, December 9, 2008

102 Fever Isn't that Bad

He woke up with a runny nose on Monday morning. The poor kid doesn't know how to blow his nose yet, so Kayci and I wiped it dozens of times yesterday.
He is just now learning how to cover his mouth when he coughs and to turn his head when he sneezes. When your 19-month-old sneezes while eating chocolate teddy grams, your sweatshirt reaps the benefits.
The worst day in my life as a dad came on December 22, 2007. Kayci and I were exchanging presents on the end of our bed with Truitt (6 months old at the time) sitting beside us. He made a sudden move and before we knew it, he was on his way to the floor. We felt like the worst parents in the world.
He refused to lift his arm why crying hysterically for an hour.
I tried to get Kayci to wait until the Maverick game was over to take him to the ER, but she insisted that we leave right then. (I am totally joking!)
We waited for about an hour in the ER, at 10:15 at night, in Houston, TX. The wait time was approximately 4 hours! As we looked around the ER, we saw kids coughing, sneezing, wheezing, and pale-faced. We left thinking that a few hours in the waiting room at the ER was just going to make him worse.
The next morning we went to our doctor, and long-story-short, he just had a bruised collarbone.

Truitt woke up this morning with an awful cough and a 102 fever.
And...I have spent time thanking God.
In 19 months, the only other time we have had to take our son to the doctor (other than a check-up) was when he fell off a bed a few days before his first Christmas.
A few minutes from my home in Memphis is St. Jude's hospital. For me, I am grateful for bruised collar bones, a respiratory virus, and a fever.

I will pray for Truitt's healing, but I will also thank God for 19 healthy months.


Lindsay Norsworthy said...

So sad to hear that Truitt is sick. I hope he feels better soon. We'll be praying for the little man.

Jean said...

WOW!! Truitt is a very healthy child!!! May the virus pass quickly.

Rick Ross said...

You de-toxed him too quicklly! He probably needs to come back to Decatur for a while.

Karen said...

So, is Truitt bouncing off the walls again? It's funny how we can be so worried about little ones, then they bounce back so quickly - like nothing ever happened. :-)

Those viruses are the pits, but at least they tend to leave quickly.

Matthew said...

Sicks kids is never any fun. We always are dealing with this stuff too. Hope the little guy hangs in there and his parents too.