Thursday, December 11, 2008

God of this City

This is one of the best songs around right now. It ushers into the heart of God.

Over the past few weeks God has affirmed my calling to Memphis.
My calling was more than just me becoming the Preaching Minister at SVC.
It was a calling to be a voice for God in the city of Memphis.


Jeff said...

Great song - awesome thought. I got an email with the backstory to this song and could only think "wow."

It's amazing how God works in the people who love Him.

phil said...


As a focus for our church to be more missional, we just got done with a series where we went through several passages in Matthew and observed the encounters of Jesus, discussed the missional mind of Jesus, and talked about how that should play out today for us:
Some examples are:
Making fishers of men (He goes out and gets them)
The inconsistency of being a disciple (the detachment it demands)
The telling of the Beatitudes (what that means to a broken community)
Healings of Lepers and Gentiles (How should we interact with the "unclean and untouchables" of our society)

Rick Ross said...

Would you mind if I start calling you "Amos"?

I mean that as a compliment. America -- especially the church in American -- needs more prophetic voices like yours to awaken us to our neglect. Our attitude toward the poor has been GLARINGLY unChristlike.

Josh Ross said...

The story makes it even more real.

That is missional to the core. Sounds like some formative conversations are taking place in your church.

I love Amos, but Amos didn't have any friends. I like having friends. :)