Friday, April 11, 2008

Idol, Dirk, and Wrestling

Peace out to Michael Johns. I still think Kristi Lee should have gone. I can't believe she wasn't in the bottom 3. However, I'm not a country fan and that is her style.
I did think that their version of Shout to the Lord last night was extraordinary.
Dirk is playing like the MVP again.
I get paid to wrestle. Actually, I get paid to get wrestled with. Most weeks, Scripture (specifically the Jesus-story) pokes and prods at my heart. A preacher who forgets and fails to wrestle will end up in the same predicament as a marriage with no communication.


Rick Ross said...

I was somewhat surprised at Michael being voted off. But he just never stepped up like I expected him to. I think even Carly was surprised that she wasn't IT.

I love your thoughts on preaching.

Rick Ross said...

I meant to say that I thought "Shout to the Lord" was incredible. I am stunned that they even sang it in our PC culture. And last night, they even mentioned Jesus!


Chris Thompson said...

I get paid to wrestle, too. I'm a junior-light weight in the Old Spanish Trail Lucha Libre Wrestling Association (OSTLLWA), pronounced 'Ostel-Wa.' I wrestle under the nombre, 'Cristobal the Crippler.' You and I share a lot in common, Josh.


Dirk is the MVP of 7 foot Germans. But, until he wins a championship, he won't have a shot at being an MVP in my book.

Kara Graves said...

My bottom three would have been: Syesha, Kristi, and Michael with Kristi going home...I am a huge country fan, but I don't think she is dynamic enough....I think she is staying in for other reasons.