Sunday, April 27, 2008


A few thoughts from "Countdown to Sunday" by Chris Erdman:

It’s one thing to express your own foibles, personal dilemmas, and humanness to the people to whom you belong as their preacher. It is another thing to express your doubts, your flirtations with heresy, your downright anger at God, your distaste for parts of the Bible that make your head spin. The truth is, many of us dare not go into these places—at least consciously…But there are many of us who don’t or won’t allow ourselves to doubt, to fight with God, rage with God, disapprove of God’s way or words. There are lines we are as afraid to cross as our people are. And frankly, we’re greatly responsible for their unwillingness to do so.
Stupid pastors, unaware of the effect of their bewilderment, pain, or arrogance—pastors who are selfish and narcissistic—can do a lot of damage, while saints can put things in just the right way, preaching their darkness, “opening a vein” in such a way that folks are saved and made saints themselves, precisely because of their darkness.

Is there a need for us to create a safe atmosphere for doubts to be expressed?


lisa foreman said...

Hi Josh -- I met you in Connecticut and now I'm spending way too much time on blogs.

I'm not sure this is what you're asking. Maybe you are speaking to preachers. But here (the link) is where I became more honest with God and -- it helped. It started a process which broke down a barrier I didn't know was there. I'm glad I did it.

As far as preachers go, I don't know if I want to know all the doubts that cross your minds. I'm glad to be reminded of your humanity. But I also want to hear a message of hope. Tell me about your struggles, yes, but also tell me how God is working and how you are being refined. Be honest with me, but be wise as well. That's what I want from the people I trust.

Anyway, thank you for asking the question -- it's a good one.

Ash, Kel & Ella said...

You're talking about doubting the Mav's right???

Just kidding!

Josh Ross said...

I appreciate your thoughts. Thanks for the blog link. That was powerful. I will hold onto it.

That hurts. I though we were boys!

Rick Ross said...

I think it is OK to share struggles and doubts so long as we come back to this: "Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life."