Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Back in Texas

I'm worn out, people. I returned from Detroit last night after a few days in the Motor City. I spoke at a young adult retreat last Saturday, and my buddy Josh Graves and I shared the pulpit at Rochester Church of Christ for all 3 services on Sunday morning. Here's a recap of the last two weeks:
1) My time in Connecticut and Detroit were Spirit-filled. However, I will do my best to never book back-to-back weekend speaking engagements ever again. 11 messages in 8 days did me in.
2) I spoke 3 times this past Saturday to a group of young adults. It was a very eclectic group--we had people from all walks of life. I hope that I was able to speak into hearts, but I know that I was touched by being surrounded by such a great group of Christ-followers.
3) These crazy Detroit people were full of Dallas Maverick jokes. They let me have it the entire weekend. The words of Jesus compelled me, "Love your enemies." I tried! But they really hurt my feelings. :)
4) I saw 2 Detroit Tiger's games. Though they lost them both, it is a great ballpark, and I had a blast hanging out with Ashley Harrison--a guy who knows and loves baseball, and the Graves'.
5) I got to see Cass Park. If you have ever heard Josh Graves preach or have read anything that he has written, you have heard about Cass Park. You name it, it is there--drugs, prostitution, homelessness, brokenness, etc. I now have a picture of a place of ministry. Here is what I know--Jesus is there!
6) The Rochester Church of Christ is a place that is passionately striving to live into all of the teachings of Jesus. I loved getting to know the people there.
7) It was inspiring to see Josh Graves ministering on his home turf.

There is not a word in the English language to describe the excitement I had when I saw Kayci and Truitt last night. Truitt won't take his eyes off me.

On another note, the game last night was one for the ages. WOW!!!

Props to Dirk. He is carrying the Mavs.

Now, I'm off to empty my inbox. Wish me luck.

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Brandon Scott said...

loved the Wineskins article!