Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Recommending a Mandatory Tattoo!!!

Truitt is nearly a year old. He is already saying, "Da...da...da..." and we are still working on "Dirk Nowitzki," but after dealing with insurance agencies over the past year, I am determined to teach him a very important question asap--"Are you covered under my insurance?"

It is worth tattooing this question on your chest, just in case you are in an accident and are unable to speak the words, "Are you covered under my insurance?"--this question could save you 1,000's of dollars...all you need to do is go through the pain of a $120 tattoo.

After a year, we are still receiving bills from the hospital and from doctors because certain people came into the delivery room to take blood or check Kayci's pulse and we failed to ask, "Are you covered under our insurance?"

Check this one out--we had Truitt at Methodist Hospital. Our doctor only delivers babies at Methodist hospital. HOWEVER, the hospital is covered under our insurance and our doctor isn't. SAY WHAT???!!! Two different doctors came into a Methodist Hospital delivery room, a room covered under our insurance, but neither one of the doctors were. SAY WHAT???!!!

I now know that when our next child comes, I will be ready. As we walk into the delivery, I am going to set up camp. In front of the door will be a table, a chair, my laptop, and information about my insurance company. Each person that walks through the door will first have to pass the question, "Are you covered under our insurance?" Kayci is just going to have to be patient. :)


Rick Ross said...

But Josh, we have the best medical system in the world!:)

Anonymous said...

Are you sure Truitt isn't saying, "Da, da, da, Da ... Wayne Wade"?

Josh Ross said...

John, blasphemy!!!

jenlowe said...

It is just not doctors-you also have to find out about pathology, radiology, etc. I was a patient in Methodist Hospital because the doctor and hospital were covered under my insurance. Unfortunately, several of the required services such as pathology were not! Go figure!!!! I guess you are supposed to get off the operating table and find one that is.

Also, wait until you have to ask " permission" to be sick.

Kara Graves said...

oh wow! good advice to know.

so, when you come up here, ya think you can put Kayci in your luggage so I can hang out with her?

Josh Graves said...

You should teach him, "Ma Ma Ma Magglio Ordonez..."the best hitter in the A.L. not named Alex.