Monday, March 24, 2008

Mere Discipleship

Rather than understanding things like worship, baptism, and prayer as things we "must do" in order to be pleasing to God, we should understand that these are God's gifts to us, and to the world. Rather than seeing these practices as mere religious ritual, we should understand these practices as the very type of good life for which we were created, and at the same time as practices that help sustain us in the good life to which we have been called.

The quote comes from Lee Camp's "Mere Discipleship." It is one of the two books that I began reading last night. The other is "Reasons to Believe: one man's journey among the evangelicals and the faith he left behind" by John Marks.

Yes...I am one of those crazy people that sometimes has 2...3...or maybe 4 books going at the same time.


Kayci is gone, and I can tell because:
1) I have had canned chili as a meal.
2) Last night I had cheese nachos with a can of bean dip.
3) I sleep with the house at about 65 degrees.

However, I miss her. I miss my son. 8 more days!!!


Brandon Scott said...

wow...8 days is hecka long! Miss you dude.

Anonymous said...

Chili and bean dip. It's probably a good thing the family isn't there.

Rick Ross said...

And yesterday when I talked to you, you were buying a burrito! Whew!

I'm with Brandon. Eight MORE days? I'd need a padded cell.

jenlowe said...

Send in the nutrition police!

Gilk said...

8 days...what the