Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Knowing that I am Loved

Let me begin by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed graduate school. I actually had fun getting my M-DIV. Don't get me wrong, some days were long, tests were hard, and papers were absolutely draining, but overall, I enjoyed my 3 years in seminary.

With that said, after I left graduate school, I had to learn to speak the language of the people again. I had to learn how to say "Jesus loves you" again!

Sometimes I try too hard to love God better, instead of taking time to marvel at this fact--I am loved. I don't always live as one that is loved by God. It's not that I forget it, but that I don't take the time to let this truth descend into the deepest places of my heart.

Know this today--"You are loved by God!"

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Ash, Kel & Ella said...

Amen to that!

The other morning as I was holding my almost 5 month old baby I had a peek into the window of God's love. My daughter was screaming her head off, arching her back in denial of how tired she was.

And it hit me like a Mack Truck...God loves me no matter what.

Just like I love my daughter whether she's happy or in a bad mood or poo'd through another outfit (sorry for the imagery!).

We throw tantrums. We disobey. We turn out back to him.

And He still loves us!!! We truly serve an awesome God!