Saturday, December 29, 2007

West Houston Church of Christ

Tomorrow I am preaching at West Houston Church of Christ. Their preacher, Matt Soper, is on a vacation with his family in NY. Immediately following the 2nd service, I will jump in my car, set the cruise on 75, and make my way back up to Decatur. I miss my wife and son. I don't do well without them.

I am preaching on Luke 4-5. Over the past 3 years, these 2 chapters have shaped me, challenged me, and have compelled me in my faith more than any other piece of Scripture. (More to come on these 3 stories later)

The basic gist of the message is this--if we were to truly embrace the LIFE of Jesus, is it really good news?


Anonymous said...

We do not have the courage, I think, to fully embrace his life. We would have to give up too much.

Larry James said...

Another way to ask the question might be, "if we live the life of Jesus, for whom will it be good news?" Someone once told me that if what we say and do is not good news for the poor, we have not arrived at the gospel in life, message or priorities.