Thursday, December 27, 2007

From Family Life to Bachelor

Life as minister has its challenges. One of the greatest challenges is spending time with family. A commitment that I have made is that Kayci and Truitt will always be my first church. They deserve the best of me. Truitt is my mission field. So much of how he will think about Jesus, faith, and life will come from Kayci and me. I'm grateful to be on this faith journey with a woman that is so committed to following Jesus.
A greater challenge that I face is being in a family that is full of ministers. My dad is entering into his 20th year of preaching. My little bro is a full-time worship minister. It is hard enough for 1 minister to find a weekend to worship with his family. It is rare for 3 ministers to find the same Sunday to take off. Well, this past Sunday evening, we were all at church together: dad, mom, older sis, her husband and kid, little bro, his wife and kid, Kayci and Truitt. It was the first time that we have all been at church together since January 2005.
The last few days have been fantastic.

Now, I am back in Houston as a Bachelor for a few days. Kayci and Truitt are still with my parents. I have to work today and tomorrow, and then I preach at West Houston Church of Christ on Sunday morning. Over the next 3 days I plan to read, write, watch the Godfather (I still haven't seen it), and play a game or two of X-Box. As for food...umm...


Anonymous said...

Somehow Josh I think you will find food-especially in Houston!
It is wonderful that your whole family could be together-treasure those times always!

Brandon Scott said...

plane one. Just kidding. Sort of.

Truitt Ross said...

I'm so thankful to be on this journey with you! I'm glad you see Jesus in me, that's my prayer. I miss you, but honestly I'm having a blast with your parents. :) Have a great day sweetie and grab a can of soup for dinner. See you soon!
- kayci

Steve Dye said...

Josh -

May these few days alone with Jesus fortify your faith ... fine-tune your spiritual focus ... and fill you with holy desire for your family.

May you find that His friendship forms you into a better husband ... dad ... minister ... and friend ... a more Christ-like servant of our Father ... a better Josh. He's really good at that.

May 2008 be a wonderful year for you, your family and your ministry.