Friday, December 28, 2007

Pepperdine University

I have the privilege of speaking at the Pepperdine lectures next May. I've always wanted to go to Pepperdine, but it has never worked out. As a student, the lectures were always during finals week. Last year, the conference was held May 1-3; Truitt came on the 5th. I thought it would be best to stay at home with Kayci. :)
My title is, "Jesus--The Great Companion and the Annoying Nuisance." Throughout the past 3 years, I have danced numerous dances with Jesus in the gospel of Luke. Every chapter draws me into a deeper love. At the same time, there are many moments when I don't "like" Jesus. I love him, but I don't like him. He bids me to follow him into places I am not sure I want to go.
The title of the 4 gospels should be--"Enter at Your Own Risk!"


Bobbie said...

Congratulations Josh! That's a big leap from Houston to the Pacific. We've been blessed to walk along with you for l-l/2 years, and it's time for your passion to be shared at the Pepperdine gathering.

Anonymous said...

I have only been able to go Pepperdine once-when they honored Dan and Judy Anders. It was an incredible experience that I will treasure always.

You will be a blessing to those who hear you and you will be blessed by those you interact with when you are there.