Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Abilene High beat Southlake Carroll 22-21 last Saturday. I don't know if I am more excited that Abilene High won or that Southlake lost.

Through my 4 years of undergraduate studies in Abilene, I couldn't wait to get out of that city. Yet, after 3 years of graduate work, I never wanted to leave. What happened? Well, let me see:

Things I don't miss about Abilene:
-29 degrees with a 29 mph wind
-Loved it when it would rain, but the meteorologists would come on every time basically having to describe what rain is. They interrupted some of my sporting events.
-The flat land.
-City with no Pappasitos/Pappadeaux
-Road construction on the south loop

Things I terribly miss about Abilene:
-The people.
-Highland Church
-The ACU community
-Flag Football
-Los Arcos and Abuelos
-My mentors and good friends (Mike Cope, David Wray, Jack Reese, Randy Harris, Chainsaw Charlie Siburt, and Steve Hare)

Anything you would add?


Anonymous said...

You left out Harold's! How dare you? And I miss that in the El Chico's at the mall, they gave you soapapilla's. (Okay, when we lived there they did...a bijillion years ago)

Miss many friends there too.

I don't miss living in the duplexes across from campus. With two babies at the was not quiet enough.


Brandon Scott said... Harolds??? I'm very, VERY concerned.

The list about what I miss in Abilene would be too long. But it all boils down to people and food! And, truth be known, I sometimes like to drive over to Sam Thomas Elementary when I am in town and just sit in the parking lot for a while.

Josh Ross said...

Please, forgive me. I have sinned against heaven and against many of you. I failed to mention Harold's. Please don't tell Harold!

Brandon Scott said...

not sure...this one might be unforgiveable. Just sayin.

jross said...

The GREATEST thing about Abilene was ..... I WAS IN SEARCY! Ha!

Anonymous said...

I only visited Abilene once and was not impressed with the city. I think that if you are in school there, you become involved with the people in the city which will make a difference.

Jenn said...

What I miss... Harolds, La Popalar, Chapel, the people, Sing Song, Joe Allen's steaks, Cahoots catfish, the ACU bubble, Hamby Church, 9 o'clock...

Jenn Grimes

Luke said...

I am more of a Joe Allen's/Lytle Land and Cattle kind than a Harolds, but I do greatly miss all the BBQ.
Also I miss:

Jeff Berry leading worship on Tuesday nights (and Steven, Billy Bob, Frush too)

thats really it. And I guess friends/family.

Rick Ross said...

I miss WIlhair Park. That's where Beverly and I would go and . . . study.

Chelsie said...

Hickory Street- come on Josh!!!

Amy said...

I second ole Chainsaw. That must really be his name - we use it all the time, and now I'm reading it over here on a blog of someone I've never met. :)