Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Josh Hamilton has quickly become one of the greatest stories in all of sports.
If you want a good read, his book Beyond Belief is worth every page.
You can also watch his testimony at (A website that is full of testimonies of the grace, mercy, and power of God).

A few years back, Josh was drafted out of high school as the #1 pick by the Tampa Bay Rays. He was given a $4 million signing bonus. Not bad money for an 18-year-old. One week you are asking your parents for money to go to the prom...the next week you are buying your parents a house.

After a couple of years in the minor leagues, over 30 tattoos, and a few nagging injuries, the squeaky-clean Josh Hamilton who had never had a taste of alcohol and had never tried drugs, went out with a few guys one night...a night in which he had his first sip of beer and his first sniff of cocaine. He was hooked.

His addiction lasted 4 years and cost him over $600,000.

At one point in his book, he mentions that for all addicts, there is an 8-second-rule. Studies have shown that if you think a thought and allow the thought to stay in your mind over 8-seconds, then you are most likely going to act upon the thought.
Therefore, you have 8-seconds to allow God to "take captive every thought."

His story is one of brokenness, pain, and the power of God. Check it out!


Rick Ross said...

Wow! I have not heard about the "8-second rule," but it sure makes sense.

One of my prayers over the last year has been that I might take captive every thought. Lots of junk rolls around in my brain.

Jeff said...

He does have an incredible story of how God can reconcile our lives with His desire for us. I'm thankful Josh is willing to share that with people. The Rangers also have a DVD with Josh and his wife, Katie, at a session after a game. It's powerful stuff from both of them and the battles they both faced.