Saturday, June 28, 2008

We exist...

We (the people of God) exist to...
...set people free
...swim in God's stream of grace for justice
...see the image of God in every person
...tear down barriers between race and social class
...speak and live "good news"
...dream "Kingdom-dreams"
...nurture relationships for a cause greater than ourselves something daring with our lives in God's holiness in every moment


phil said...

... to live in relationship with our creator and in relationship with one another.

P.S. Beautiful family!

Rick Ross said...

Sounds like a great sermon series!

Lauren said...


You have a gorgeous family! I am continually amazed at what a treasure Kayci is, even though I have never formally met her. I hope I can fix that sometime soon. Truitt is so beautiful and I know that you and Kayci are making sure that he knows who God is and that his precious spirit is pointed toward the fear of the Lord. I pray the Lord's richest blessings on your ministry at Sycamore View. Be blessed this day! Lauren Cunningham