Friday, June 20, 2008

Dying and/or Living

A good question that we ask to measure the love we have for someone:
"Do you love someone so much that you would die for them?"

I prefer this question:
"Do you love someone so much that you would live for them?"

Truth is:
-We have a lot of parents living today who would die for their children, but they aren't making decisions to live for them.
-We have spouses living today who would die for their husband/wife, but they aren't making decisions to live for them.

Jesus didn't just come to die...he also came to show us how to live.


phil said...

Your thoughts made me think about how today we have become a people of instant satisfaction. We have become an internet ready and drive-thru lane culture. Our society is molding individuals into asking the question should we participate in 2 (the living part) if we think we can get to 3 from 1. What happens though many times with parents and spouses is that later in life, when discovering life was not “lived”, regret and shame become a dark cloud they cannot out-run.

The assumption is sort of becomes this, why “run the race” when we think we can cheat and take a cab to the finish line? I am sure thankful though, that we have a Savior that stressed the way we run more than he stressed the finish line.

Anonymous said...

Great lesson this morning (22June) on how God reigns through creation.
"To be human is to be made in the image of God." Wow!

"Read the scripture for formation, not for information." Right on, brother!

Clyde said...

Hi Josh--I am glad you are at SVCC and know your fam will do wonderful ministry there! My wife and I enjoyed hearing you speak at the Decatur (hometown for me) church for your dad and it was gr8 to meet your whole family that night (I think it was at Christmas).

We went to college with Kip--I love his voice and passion for worship.

A related thought about your post--I heard years ago someone express the idea that there came a generation of American parents who worked so hard to give their kids what they never had but they forgot to give them what the DID have. Now we are living through the aftermath of that drive to acquire and failure to pass on faith, family, ethics.