Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Randon Thoughts

I will try my hardest to never again preach a wedding in Dallas on a Saturday night and a sermon in Memphis on Sunday morning. I was feeling it yesterday. (It was an awesome wedding!!!)

The NBA Finals was "this" close to being so good for the NBA. The ratings have dropped over the past few years and the Lakers/Celtics had a chance to redeem it. The series was mostly anti- climatic. The last game of the NBA Finals needs to come down to the last 25 seconds; NOT--game over at the beginning of the 2nd quarter.

The word "create" shows up more times in the book of Isaiah than in any other book. This is fascinating: people in exile...away from home...wondering if their God is around...and here comes a prophet saying, "Lift up your eyes. Your God created in the beginning, and he can create something new right now."

One thing I love about Memphis is that banana-pudding is a fruit.

Pork BBQ is quite tasty. I still prefer brisket BBQ, but I'm a fan of the pork.


Anonymous said...

Since your dad quit blogging, can we talk NASCAR on your blog? It would fall under "random thoughts".

JENNY said...

I'm not a huge fan of pork bbq. Brisket is much better.

Josh Ross said...

I will mention NASCAR when I post on cheerleading...:)

Jenny, come out here and try some more of it.