Friday, June 13, 2008


I got home from a speaking gig last night around 9:00, flipped on the NBA finals, and watched one of the greatest comebacks (or meltdowns) in NBA history. Down 24 points in the 3rd quarter, the Celtics sparked an historic comeback and won by 6.

For some reason, I went to sleep still having flashbacks of the finals 2 years ago when the Mavs were up 2-0 before losing 4 straight. The nightmares still haunt me. The sound of the whistle blowing every time D-Wade stepped into the lane is a sound that will never leave me.
(Please read about 74% of sarcasm in the paragraph above)

I don't really care who wins the series, but I do want the Lakers to win Game 5. There is nothing like a Game 6 and 7 in any sport.


Topher said...

Was Donaghy reffing the Mavs-Heat series?

How badly does the NBA (Stern) want a game 6 or 7? With the all of the heat around fixing games, I doubt they will put any pressure on the refs to give Kobe the treatment D-wade got against the Mavs (RIP). They're giving up millions by allowing the series to end in 5 games. Money is power, and it would make a great summer of conspiracy theories if Kobe shoots 30 free throws for the next 3 games. We've seen corporate executives do a lot worse (Enron), so it wouldn't surprise if 'the fix' is on the next two games.

Josh Ross said...

Good thought. In order for me to sleep better at night, I have convinced myself that Donaghy reffed game 3-6 of the Mavs-Heat series. He also is D-Wade's step-brother.
I feel much better now.

Rick Ross said...

I share your pain, my son. I have long felt that the refs give preferential treatment to certain individuals. Shaq comes to mind. The NBA is without a doubt the sport most easily affected by officiating.

However, I will not shed a single tear if the Lakers are done in 5. (Read my blog today if you REALLY want to know how I feel):)

Mindi said...

Christopher still talks about D- Wade and the way he got every call. He bought a pair of D- Wade b-ball shoes this past year and agonized over whether or not to buy them for at least month only because he just wasn't sure that he could support him...