Friday, November 21, 2008

New York...Poverty

It was a holy moment this past Wednesday, when I stood at Ground Zero and then walked across the street to St.Paul's Chapel. What struck me at this location was that:
-Ground Zero was a place of great tragedy...but across the street at St. Paul's, it birthed great unity.
-Ground Zero was a place of death...but across the street it became a place of life.
-Ground Zero was a place of ashes...across the street was healing.
-Ground Zero was a heap of destruction...across the street was a place where people began to build again.

In that location, we all witnessed the best of America.

"All over this country, too many children are growing up in harm's way--and too many lives are being washed away--because the levees we've built are too weak and too low. When a 13-year-old girl thinks there's nothing wrong with having a baby that will drive them both toward lives of poverty, we haven't built the levees high enough. When 15-year-old boys become fathers, then walk away, get shot, or go to jail, we haven't built the levees high enough. When young people spend more time going to meth labs than chemistry labs, we haven't built the levees high enough. We know better, but we don't act because we don't want to look. If we believe in community, we must find the courage to do what communities do: Together, we must stand side by side and man the levees."
(Words from John Edwards)


Anonymous said...

I agree with the levee statements. Unfortunately they came from a man who has zero integrity.

Josh Ross said...

I almost left John Edwards' name off the post because I thought some people might dismiss the words because of his name.

However, goes to show you that there is some good in all people.