Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Learning to Fight

I'm trying to get back into more regular blogging, but I am just gassed right now. I don't feel that I have much to give.

However, one thing I have been contemplating for a while now is this--we have not done a very good job teaching Christians how to fight.
In other words, we haven't taught people how to have healthy conflict. Too often, discussions are presented in a way where you are either in or you are out; either with us or against us.

In a marriage, you have to learn how to have healthy disagreements or:
1) one partner will become abusive
or 2) the marriage will fall apart.

Kayci and I had to learn how to fight when we got married. We don't disagree much, but when we do, we have had to learn how to listen, show respect, hear the other person, and hug even though we might not be on the same page. (Side note--making up after marital fights is always fun)

As diversity continues to spread itself across the religious landscape, it is essential that we (Christ-Followers) learn how to enter into healthy conflict.
1) Listen (As Kayci says, "Listen with your eyes.")
2) Show respect.
3) Enter into healthy dialogue. Attempt to understand the other person's point of view.
4) Pray for God to grant wisdom and discernment.

May God raise up people in the 21st century who will learn how to disagree in healthy, respectful ways.

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