Thursday, October 9, 2008

MLB & College Football Predictions

Boston over Tampa Bay in 6 games
LA over Philedelphia in 6 games

OU over UT
Missouri over OSU
NU over Tech (If Tech spots them 30)
CU over Kansas

Florida over LSU


Jeff said...

Zero U over TEXAS? You kill me.

Anonymous said...

I'm assuming you want our predictions too.

Tampa over Boston in 6 (I remember you blogging that "noone can beat the Angels")
I don't care who wins the National league. Rays all the way!!

OU over UT (I hope I'm wrong)
Mizz over OSU
TT over Neb
Kansas over CU
LSU over FL (again, I hope I'm wrong)

Josh Ross said...

Just my gut. I've been wrong once or twice. :)

You are right...I thought the Angels were the most well-rounded team out there. I had them going to the BIG series.
I would love to see Tampa. I think they're a great story.

Thunderfromdownunder said...

Joshua Eugene-
What's up with the UT prediction?? Everyone knows that God is on UT's side with Mack and Colt being members of The Church! :)


Jonathan said...

i am with you on most to differ on the Florida/LSU. i will take LSU and the spread.

Missy Robinson said...

Don't forget that you live in Memphis now... the letters "UT" have a completely different meaning here :)

Justin said...

Unfortunately the Dodgers are going to beat the Red Sox in the Series in 7 games by a Manny homer in the top of the 11th. Hey, it could happen, although I hope it doesn't. Last year I predicted the exact number of games the Cubs would win.

'Cats over Gamecocks by a TD. I know, I am the only one in TN that cares.

Jeff said...

I hope you are wrong once again. I hope, I hope, I hope...

I can't decide who to pull for in the baseball playoffs. I have grown to like Boston for some reason but would like to see the Rays make it with their feel good story (it gives Rangers fan a little hope). On the other side, I really like watching Cole Hamels, Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins and would like to see Brad Lidge bounce back but I also would like to see Torre win just to spite the Yankees although Manny makes it harder to pull for them.

Hook 'em Horns!