Thursday, September 11, 2008


We all woke up this morning...remembering.
I pray this morning for God's shalom (that is God's peace) to reign in this world.

There were two main theological responses to this great tragedy.

1) There was the response that said that 9-11 happened because America has turned away from God. We have declined morally. We have allowed the nature of sin to become the norm. Therefore, God brought this tragedy upon the U.S. to wake us up from our slumber.
So what was God up to on 9-11? God planned this event to snap us back to reality.

2) There was the response that said human beings sometimes make choices that are destructive, violent, and catastrophic. People have the freedom to choose to fly planes into buildings.
So where was God on 9-11? The first tear to fall on 9-11 was a tear from heaven. It was a tear that flowed down the cheek of God as he mourned over humanity. This view doesn't say that God was behind 9-11 as the planner, but instead God responded to this tragedy to work his acts of redemption.


phil said...

The first theological reasoning reminds me of Job’s friends (which didn’t help the situation at all).

The second makes me think about how God must have felt when he looked at his creation in the days of Noah; or how Jesus must have felt as he looked down at his own people who rejected him.

I am like you, and can’t help but to think that when an act happens that is driven by violence and hate, it must break the heart of God; because he came to this world to establish a kingdom that is an exact opposite of that.

Jeff said...

Isn't God where he has always been? Isn't He awaiting us in heaven?

My feeling is that we humans too often want to bring God to us, to interject Him into our lives. Why does God let this happen or that happen? We get focused on what happens on earth and forget that what happens today is just a blip in time - that God is God for eternity and that we need to give our lives to Him so that we may share eternity, not just time on earth, with Him.

I obviously can't say what I'm feeling very well but hope it makes a little sense.

I believe God hurts when we hurt. He cries for us like we cry for our children when they are hurt. I believe 9/11 was a darker day for God than it was for us.